In the flooding that occurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in late August 2005, St. Bernard Parish found itself completely inundated. Suddenly schools, businesses, and homes were full of water. The Domino Sugar Refinery had been a place considered a refuge, but it too was flooded. The water ruined thousands of pounds of production and destroyed equipment.

Hurricane Katrina

The staff of the Domino Refinery rolled up its sleeves and used its resources in the form of personnel and boats to evacuate people from the area. The plant, essential for manufacturing in the entire country, was up and running again in less than 90 days. It created a small town of trailers that allowed people to return to St. Bernard Parish, even when their homes were uninhabitable, and begin the work of sugar production once again. The Domino Refinery reopened as a more modern facility after the flooding, with more mechanization and a larger capacity.